Wholesome homemade goodness to fill you up.


Half Pound Vegan Burrito $6

Homemade Mexican rice, Chickpeas, Bell Pepper, Corn,
Onion, and spice

Breakfast Burrito $6
Egg, Turkey Sausage, Spinach,
Choose your cheese: Feta, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, or Pepper Jack
[With creamy cilantro lime or mild green salsa verde]


Avocado Toast $6

[Your choice Wheat, White, Gluten Free Bread]
Avocado, Sweet Peppers, Salt, Olive Oil
Egg- Avocado, Egg, Black Pepper
Tex Mex- Avocado, Black Beans, Lime Juice, Hot Sauce
Greek- Avocado, Cucumber, Tomato, Feta

Oatmeal $2.50   add Toppings $1
Gluten free steel cut Oats, Coconut milk, Yogurt
Cocoa Powder+ Peanut Butter
Raisins+ Pecans + Allspice
Pineapple + Mango + Coconut Flakes


Egg Muffins $3 /2 for $5
Egg, turkey sausage, spinach, feta

Two Eggs your way $1.60

Sweet Potato Hash browns $2.25

Parfait $5
Greek yogurt, gluten free granola, fruit, wind river honey

Brownie $2         Vegan Lemon Curd $2

Protein Bars $4 [Ask for available flavors]

Taco Soup $4

Local ground beef, corn, pinto & black beans, mild green
chiles, sautéed onions, garlic, and spices

Kale Chips $4 [Seasonal]
Cashews, sunflower seeds, spices, nutritional yeast, olive oil

Choose your base---x1

Massaged Kale, Mixed Greens, or Spinach
Choose your cheese---x1
Feta, cheddar, pepper jack, blue cheese or monterey jack
Choose your meat---x1
Organic chicken or egg, steak when available add $.60
Choose your dressing---x1
Creamy cilantro lime, Poppy Seed Vinaigrette , Tahini
Chickpeas, black beans, raspberries, blueberries, sunflower
seeds, purple onion, avocado, bell pepper, Cucumber, Shaved Carrot



Peanut Butter Banana
Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey $4

Go Vegan-Peanut Butter, Banana, Berry Jam
Veggie Kale, Cucumber, Red Onion, Chickpeas, Tahini
Blue on Black  Steak, Tomato, Blue Cheese, Cabbage,

Sweet Peppers

Go Vegan- Black Beans, Tomato, Blistered Sweet Peppers,

Cabbage, Sweet Peppers
Dill Chicken  Chicken, Cabbage Slaw, Pickles, Dill Sauce
Go Vegan- Cauliflower, Cabbage Slaw, Pickles, Dill Sauce

Tortilla Options [Jalapeno Cheddar, Garlic & Herb, Whole Wheat, Gluten free]

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